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Differences between real and fake documents

Over the years, our creative minds and innovative tendencies have made us the best in what we do. The passports we produce are so unique and look so real in such a way that it takes an extra effort of electric scanner and running details through a data base to be able to detect fake passports from the real ones. This is due to the fact that we have secret features that are embedded in both our fake and real passports. These secret features include; Hologram, Barcodes, seals and stamps.
In view of this, our customers around the world have been confiding in our creative abilities to produce them documents both fake and real ones that will meet their needs and requirements.


  1. REPLY
    Saydur Rahman says

    I like to Canada

  2. REPLY
    Syle Miranaj says

    I nead a citizen pasport of canada reall not fak how to get it also id card driven licens

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