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Facts to note about the real documents we produce

The fact that we produce fake documents sometimes makes some of our clients to be skeptical about our services. They believe that there is tendency of us producing fake documents for them. However, this is not true; our clients are the most important aspect of our business. We constantly strive hard to meet their requirements irrespective of how difficult it is. Below are certain facts you should know about our real documents;
Ø To be able to produce a real document for our clients, we will need their biometric information and other vital information that will appear on the document. This information is needed to be able to process the document with the full credentials of the clients. The biometric information needed to print in the client documents are finger print and passport size photo.

Ø It is important to note that not all genuine and real documents require biometric information. Some of the few documents that require the biometric details of clients are; passports, green cards, residence permit, driver’s license etc.

Ø When we are producing fake documents for our clients we don’t need biometric data and other vital information, the only thing we will need is the passport photo of the person who will be using the fake document. However, when we are producing document like degree, birth certificates, social security cards etc, the only vital information we need is the name, sex and date of birth of the person who will use the documents. There are instances when we will ask for further information, especially when we are producing a university degree for a client. In such situation, we will need the university the client prefers and the preferred course of study.

Our process is well organized and our clients are not perturbed by the fact that they will be harassed due to the fact that they are using fake documents. This is due to the fact that we invest in the best technologies and have reliable connections in almost all the countries in the world. These contacts are saddled with the responsibility of uploading client information into the various embassies that need them.

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