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Do you have any need to travel outside your country of origin, and you do not have a passport and other supporting documents to travel out without harassment by the airport officials?
Are you currently unemployed and you are seeking a fake degree certificate to get you that your desired job?
Are you in need of a driver’s license that will enable you drive round the city without harassment by security agencies?
Whether you are based in Europe, Asia, America, Australia or Africa and you fall into any of these categories above, your curiosity has landed you in the right place as the solution to your problem lies with GLOBAL LINKS DOCUMENTATION.
We are specialist in the production of passport, SSN, drivers’ license, I.D cards, Birth certificates, diplomas and many other documents such as fake passport, novelty passport, novelty birth certificate, visa stickers.
Global links documentation is also engaged in other allied services such as helping you to buy fake passport, making fake US passport available for sale, buying quality bio-metric passport and real passport, thereby helping you to secure Canada travel documents, purchasing fake identity cards and citizenship certificate. We also have USA drivers’ license for sale.
Our services are unique because we can produce all the documents listed above with a new name entirely and then register it in government database, so that whenever you are travelling across the border, the border officials will not harass you.
Global links documentation produces all the documents in either genuine or novelty formats depending on your needs

ID Cards and Drivers License

Global links documentation produces genuine visas, which can be used to travel to the issuing country. Upon tendering at the airport, you will be cleared to board your flight.

We also produce fake travel passport for customers who do not intend to use it for travel purpose, but for camouflage. Our fake passport will not pass security check because it is not registered in the government database.

Although, the fake passport looks exactly like a genuine passport issued by government agencies responsible for issuing passport but always advice our clients, particularly the ones travelling, to always present genuine documents at the screening point to avoid harassment by the

We produce both genuine and fake drivers’ license and identity cards. We can guarantee you that the genuine license and identity card will successfully pass security screening when checked with a data reading machine, because your information would have been registered in the government database. You can use the documents whenever the need arises because it is genuine.

However, the fake license and identity cards we produce are not registered in the government database, but they appear exactly like the genuine ones. The security features on the real copy will be duplicated and imprinted on the fake copy. Global links documentation normally advises her customersto tender the genuine documents whenever they want to transact business with the government.

Other documents we produce


Global links documentation produces other categories of documents such as birth certificate, social security card, diplomas, marriage certificate, emancipation certificate, transcript among others.

We can produce both genuine and fake of these documents. Any genuine documents we produce normally have the holder’s name registered in the government database. Therefore the holder of such document can use it to transact government business.

On the other hand, any fake document we produce will not have the holder’s name registered in the government database, although the documents will look exactly like the genuine ones, but if it is screened using a data checking machine, the holder’s information will not come up.

Our clients are normally advice in the strongest terms to always tender the genuine documentswhere necessary to avoid harassment by government officials.

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