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Similarities between real and fake documents we produce

We are in a society where anything can happen to anybody at any time. In view of this, it is important for the visitors of our websites as well as loyal clients to understand the differences between fake documents and real one. It is difficult for an amateur to spot out a fake document from an original or real document except such person uses a scanner or run the document through a data base. Some of the differences between real and fake documents are discussed below;
Ø For every real document, all the relevant information of the client is uploaded on the database of the country in which the document will be used. Anywhere the document is checked for verification, the client information will always be displayed on the system or database machine as the case may be. For instance, when we produce a US passport to a client, all the vital biometric data of the client will be uploaded in the central data base under the recognition of the government. While the fake document is just the physical document. No additional information about the client will be uploaded in the system and it will be detected once verified in a machine.

Ø Another important difference between a fake document and real document is the fact that a fake document can only be used as a camouflage and can even lead to the imprisonment of the holder. While a real document is legally acceptable by authorities and can be presented anywhere around the world.

Ø There is possibility of renewing a real document after expiration. In other words, once the real document we produce for a client expires, such client can go to the authority directly for renewal. This is due to the fact that the entire client’s information is in the database and it will be considered genuine and legit. While the fake documents can not be renewed once expired, once a client take it to the authority for renewal, it will land that client in big trouble.

Ø The real documents are highly expensive compare to that of fake documents. This is because of the fact that for every real document we produce, we upload the client information on the necessary database. With this, the document will be real.


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